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Michael Rivany (Owner of PT. Cepu Indah Mebel / Surabaya / Indonesia):

"Our company is a family-owned business that was established in the late 1980’s by my late father. His vision of the company was always providing affordable and sustainable products.

The vision has carried a long way until now. We branched out from residential-only projects to offices and hotel industries as they grow overtime. With a new wave of furniture use nowadays, it has become our lifestyle and trademark of our company to using locally produced materials, not only sustainable, but also, environment-friendly. We are a very experienced manufacturer, with many projects under our portfolio. We are ready to roll with cornercollection.

Why does Indonesia needs functional ideas for corners? 

Looking at the rapid growth of our number of residents in selected big cities, such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, and many other places over the year, it is only logical that everyone would soon be deprived of spaces.

With the consideration of working from home is now a norm, we only have to come up with a perfect solution to accommodate.

The available products in Indonesia are quite norm and put luxury on the forefront, but with cornercollection, we will make a difference.

Why do you chose to be part of the cornercollective

We believe there are two things to move forward, first, innovation, and secondly, solutions. Obviously, cornercollection has all those mentioned. With excellent designs, great technical, and most importantly, its purpose to provide perfect solution to ever growing people’s needs, we, PT. Cepu indah Mebel, want to introduce this to our community. We believe with this collaboration, we can flourish together."

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